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Arizona: Photo Tour

Arizona during the summer months can only be described a few ways, hot but full of life. The summer rains and warm air cause a flurry of activity both in bird and plant life. Monsoon breeders, Mexican migrants and a host of resident species breed here in Arizona's sky islands and various deserts and grasslands. Breeding passerines and stunning hummingbirds call photographers from across the country, heck, across the globe to come and see them fight for the rights to breed. Stunning light, stunning birds and amazing habitats make this tour an absolute necessity for all photographers.

Tour Information

Tour Date: June 24th - July 3rd, 2023

Length: 10 Days

Starting City: Tucson

Ending City: Tucson

Pace: Relaxed/Moderate

Physical Difficulty: Moderate

Focus: Photography, Birds, Wildlife

Max group size: 6 + 1 leader

For more information on this tour and booking, please click:

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