Curacao - Caribbean Excursion

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Introduction to Tour: Travel to this beautiful, unique desert island paradise in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Located just miles off the coast of Venezuela, this wonderfully culturally rich island contains a vast number of beautiful birds, striking reptiles and divine beaches. This tour is a relaxation tour. The island itself is only 40 miles from tip to tip and as such, has a limited number of destinations we can visit. Time spent not photographing birds will be the time we can spend walking aroudn the historic town, soaking up the local culture or, my personal favorite, relaxing on the many stunning beaches. Snorkling will also be an option for those guests who wish to see some beautiful tropical fish and feel the warmth of the Caribbean Sea. I have a personal connection to this island. My father was raised here and my grandmother still lives on the island. I have been here many times and know all of the local birds, as well as the best locations. I hope you will join me on this amazing tour. See below for more details.

Tour Specifics


Location Base: |Blue Bay Resort|
Dates: August 16th - August 22nd
Tour Type: Instructional/Touring
Instructor: Ben Knoot
Fee: $5500 USD per person
Price includes: 
Price DOES NOT include: Airfare -- Hotel Accommodations -- Alcoholic Beverages -- Gifts -- Non-provided Snacks
Deposit: 50% Non-refundable
Group Size: 6 Maximum


General Itinerary



Day 1: 

Afternoon 1:

Night 1: