South-East Arizona

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Introduction to Tour: South-East Arizona is highly regarded for its vast desert landscape and the variety of bird life that calls this arid landscape home. I have been to South-East Arizona during all times of the year and by far the best time to go is late August - early September. This is the monsoon season in the desert and as such, it is a bit cool than the hot summers and most importantly, a bit wetter. This tour explores the arid deserts and the canyons, in search of desert specialties. Over the course of 5 full days, we will search for species like; Gambel's Quail, Phainopepla, Gila Woodpecker, Gilded Flickr, Cactus Wren, Curve-billed Thrasher and many more. When we have had our fill of the hot deserts, we will retreat into the cool canyons in search of species like; Mexican Spotted Owl, Elegant Trogon, Mexican Jay, Painted Redstart and oh...about 11 species of hummingbirds including; Magnificent, Broad-tailed, Broad-billed and possibly the elusive White-eared Hummingbird. This tour will focus heavily on wild bird photography but we will spend one day photographing birds at Elephant Pond, a backyard set-up paradise for birds. Photography will take place during the mornings and late afternoons when the light is prime. During the mid afternoon, birding "non-photography" trips can be arranged or, this is an excellent time for a nap! I hope you will join me for this epic adventure in one of my favorite places in Southwest, US. View below for tour specifics.


Tour Specifics


Location Base: |Tucson, Arizona|
Dates: August 16th - August 22nd
Tour Type: Instructional/Touring
Instructor: Ben Knoot
Fee: $2000 USD per person
Price includes: Five Full Days of Instruction -- Three Meals per Day -- All Transportation Requirements -- Park/Location Fees
Price DOES NOT include: Airfare -- Hotel Accommodations -- Alcoholic Beverages -- Gifts -- Non-provided Snacks
Deposit: 50% Non-refundable
Group Size: 6 Maximum


General Itinerary